Welding technology:
Production of pressure vessels / pressure vessel parts and piping / pipeline parts
AD 2000 leaflet HPO / HPO 100R, DIN EN ISO 3834-3 and PED on welding processes
TIG (141)
MAG / MIG (135/136)
Electrode welding (111)
With certified welders according to 9606-1: 2017
We manufacture, repair and assemble piping and / or pressure vessels depending our customers needs (e.g., gas, oil, water, steam)
Steel construction:
Creation of traditional and modern steel construction and locksmith works for clients from industry, trade, craft, commerce and private customers.
Industrial Assembly:
Construction and disaasembly of industrial plants and their assembly in Germany and abroad.
Pipe construction for the transport of liquids, gases and solids.
Pipelines made of steel, non-ferrous metals, stainless steel and plastics in all NW and PN
Power plant boiler repairs
Exchange of boiler components.
Welding technology
Welding process 141 (TIG) / 111 (electrode weld) / 135 (MAG) by experienced mirror welders and pre-fabricators.
Steel construction
Creation of special steel structures in industrial plant construction
Plant and machine construction
Disassembly, assembly and repair of machinery and equipment in all industries.
Maintenance and repair work for the above activities.
On the one hand, we use ours to carry out these orders
So in the above orders on the respective
Company premises of our customers.
Our team consists of 20 technicians and welders.
Our company is certified to AD 2000 HP-0 / DIN EN ISO 3834-3 and SCC.
The focus is on the customer as a human and business partner.
Convince yourself of our quality, competence and reliability in your next construction project.